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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Do you use Antibacterial Soap?

According to this article, the FDA is seeking tougher rules on antibacterial soap. "Under a proposed rule released Monday, the agency will require manufacturers to prove that antibacterial soaps and body washes are safe and more effective than plain soap and water. Products that are not shown to be safe and effective by late 2016 would have to be reformulated, relabeled or removed from the market."

"The FDA proposal comes more than 40 years after the agency was first tasked with evaluating triclosan, triclocarban and similar ingredients. Ultimately, the government only agreed to publish its findings after a three-year legal battle with the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group that accused the FDA of delaying action on triclosan. The chemical is found in an estimated 75 percent of antibacterial liquid soaps and body washes sold in the U.S., including some brands of Dial from Henkel AG & Co., one of the nation's largest soap makers."

"Most of the research surrounding triclosan's safety involves laboratory animals, including studies in rats that showed changes in testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormones. Some scientists worry that such changes in humans could raise the risk of infertility, early puberty and even cancer."

"Other experts are concerned that routine use of antibacterial chemicals such as triclosan is contributing to a surge in drug-resistant germs, or superbugs, that render antibiotics ineffective."

(Source: Matthew Perrone, AP Health Writer. FDA Seeks Tougher Rules on Antibacterial Soap, Dec 16, 2013.

All of this research and future research leads me to the belief of "better safe than sorry". Personally, I avoid triclosan, and other harmful toxic chemicals, in my personal care products including soap and hand sanitizer. Luckily, Norwex makes it easy!

Norwex has a foam soap that uses calendula - a type of marigold native to an area from Macaronesia east through the Mediterranean to Iran – which is known for its antimicrobial properties. Look for a new Peppermint Foam Soap coming in early 2014!

Additionally, Norwex has the Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner,  a non-alcoholic, triclosan-free, organic hand cleaner. It is non-irritating and non-toxic, and it cleanses hands without water to leave them feeling moisturized and smooth. Norwex Timeless Natural Hand Cleaner is not an antibacterial, which means it kills bacteria. It is antiseptic, which means it inhibits the growth and reproduction of micro organisms. Use it anywhere there’s no water available to wash hands. Organic Lemon, Rosemary and Lavender extracts have natural antiseptic/ astringent qualities. Organic Aloe Vera, Olive Oil and gluten-free Wheat Germ Oil extract help soothe, hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. The travel-sized tube makes it suitable for flying and storing in purse, desk drawer, diaper bag or child’s backpack. The Natural Hand Cleaner is completely free of alcohol, triclosan, benzalkonium chloride (BAC), parabens, petroleum solvents, sulfates, and artificial colors/ dyes.

Norwex makes it easy to create a healthier home for you and your family!

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