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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Norwex Body Cloth and Makeup Removal Cloth

Body cloths are one of my favorite Norwex products! Can you imagine NEVER buying body wash, face wash, exfoliating wash, etc. ever again? The Norwex Body Pack can be used to wash your face and body with only water. Seriously. Think of all those ingredients and chemicals you won't be exposed to anymore! (Sensitive skin? The makeup removal cloths are more gentle and designed for use around your eyes.) PLUS - both the Body Pack cloths and the Makeup Removal cloths remove makeup too - even mascara and eyeliner! Norwex antibac BacLock™ technology (microsilver embedded in the fibers) allows the cloth to self sanitize! So, the cloth takes all of the bacteria and excess oil from your pores, and the silver sanitizes and eliminates the bacteria - which, of course, lengthens the amount of time you can go between laundering.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, including skin around the eye area, make sure your cloth is really wet when you wipe your skin. For oily skin or deeper exfoliation, wring out your cloth before you use. Imagine the time and money you will save! (Body cloth will exfoliate; makeup cloth will not - this is due to the weave of the fabric.)

Perfect for eczema and clearing up acne! Plus, they come in a variety of pretty colors - at our house, we color code so we know which cloth belongs to which person.

Norwex Body Pack Body Cloths

These cloths are for regular body and facial cleaning and the vintage colors coordinate with our teal & latte microfiber Bath Towel colors.
Norwex Body Cloths - Vibrant

Use for:
* Ultra-fine exfoliating
* Removing excess oils from skin
* Used for acne/ blackheads
* Daily hygiene and skin care
* Removing face paints for children

The BacLock™ Body Cloth is a natural way to clean skin and exfoliate.
Norwex Body Cloths - Graphite

For dry or sensitive skin including skin around the eye area, leave moisture in the cloth and wipe gently. For oily skin or for a deeper exfoliation, wring out cloth well prior to use. Clean your face and body without the use of chemicals.
With the Body Pack cloth’s ultra-soft texture you will get a better result in a natural and nonabrasive way. No soaps, abrasive alcohol or cleaning tonic needed; use only water.

Follow facial cleansing by using our Naturally Timeless facial care products. For managing acne, use a fresh cloth each day.
Norwex Body Cloths - Vintage

To use, just wet face and cleanse with a damp Body Cloth. Then, rinse under warm water, and use the other side of cloth to continue cleaning face or body. When finished, rinse with warm water and hang to dry. Launder according to Norwex's recommendations.

Norwex Makeup Removal Pack Makeup Removal Cloths

Tight weave of the fiber allows for the gentle removal of mascara and dark makeup.

• Makeup is easily washed away from suede between launderings using Norwex Foam Soap or Dish Liquid
• Clean until all traces of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara are removed
• This very gentle suede is a fantastic alternative for sensitive skin
• A great choice for conditions like eczema and dry skin
• Designed specifically for sensitive skin and delicate eye areas
• 3 cloths: green, blue & purple

To use, simply moisten the Makeup Removal Cloth under running water, wring out, and fold. Wipe face around delicate eye area. It is gentle on mature or sensitive skin. Wash using Norwex Foam Soap and hang to dry. For heavy makeup, you may need to hold the wet cloth against your skin for several seconds before wiping away.

Norwex Makeup Removal Pack - Makeup Removal Cloths

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