For twenty-five years, Norwex has helped homes across the world become truly clean through our Mission of radically reducing chemicals.
Chemicals can do more harm than good. No one should have to choose between healthy products and products that work.
Living well is everyone’s right—free from harmful air pollution and chemicals in the products we use, wear and consume.
Education inspires people to make healthy choices. When people know better, they can choose better.
A small, conscious choice can lead to real impact. We can show you a healthier way to clean, live and help protect our planet.
Never underestimate your power to make a difference. Good choices add up, and together, we can create a cleaner, healthier world for all families for generations to come.

Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Fresh Start Incentives

Join my team in 2014 and you are automatically enrolled in the Fresh Start Rewards Program! This is a great way to build stock and reward yourself with an incredible amount of FREE products!

You've probably already read about how to join my Norwex team, and the incredible starter kit that costs $0 out of pocket. If not, here's the info: http://www.fastgreenclean.com/2014/01/join-my-norwex-team-and-start-your-new.html

In addition to 35% Commission, new Consultants can earn more than $700 in products and Norwex logo’d items by simply booking, selling and recruiting during their first 90 days of joining Norwex.

JOIN MY TEAM NOW: http://www.norwex.biz/pws/rebeccalange/tabs/sign-up-now.aspx

Step One:
Submit $400 in Subtotal A Sales* in your first 15 days and receive:
  • Ultra Power Plus 500 g/ 1.2 lbs.
  • Scrubby Corner Cloth
  • Dusting Mitt
  • Enviro Cloth, Red
  • Enviro Cloth, Green
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt
  • Car Cloth
(approximately $140 in FREE product!)

Step Two:
Submit $1,000 in Subtotal A Sales* in your first 30 days and receive:
  • Kitchen Scrub Cloth
  • All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth
  • Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber
  • Travel Pack
  • Window Cloth
  • Kitchen Cloth, Sea Mist
  • Kitchen Towel, Sea Mist
  • Dish Cloth
  • Tile Mop, large
  • Cleaning Paste
(approximately $200 in FREE product!)

Step Three:
Recruit 1 New Consultant** in your first 45 days and receive a custom Norwex Demo Bag!

Step Four:
Submit $2,000 in Subtotal A Sales* in your first 60 days and receive:
  • Bath Mat
  • Optic Scarf
  • Large Towel, Teal
  • Hand Towel, Teal
  • Makeup Removal Cloth Set
  • Lint Mit
  • Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel
  • Timeless Silk Organic Hand Cream
  • Timeless Lip Balm
  • Hair Turban
  • Body Pack, Vibrant
(approximately $225 in FREE product!)

Step Five:
Recruit your 2nd New Consultant** in your first 60 days and receive a Norwex Rolling Business Bag!

Recruit your 3rd New Consultant** in your first 90 days† and receive a custom Norwex Carry-On Bag!

2014 Norwex Fresh Start Rewards Program (page 1)

2014 Norwex Fresh Start Rewards Program (page 2)

*Subtotal A Sales – guest retail sales
**For a new recruit to count toward this incentive, their Sales Consultant Application & Agreement and $250 in Subtotal A Sales must be received in the Home Office in the month they join.
†Please refer to the Success Builder brochure for complete Team Coordinator requirements.
Products are subject to substitution at the discretion of Norwex.

As always, feel free to contact me with questions regarding any Norwex product. You can shop online by clicking Shop Online above, or directly from my website at http://rebeccalange.norwex.biz. If you'd like to receive my newsletter with Norwex specials, please fill out the contact form here http://rebeccalange.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/subscribe-to-consultant-specials. If you would like to schedule a party, discuss career opportunities at Norwex, or have any questions about our products, I invite you to send me a message here http://rebeccalange.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/about-me

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