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Friday, August 7, 2015

Norwex-ing For Schools 2015

Norwex-ing For Schools 

Shop Online: LINK REMOVED - I will happily honor this special throughout the year - just contact me

Norwex-ing For Schools, The Short Version: 
  • I'm using 100% of my (35%) commission of orders placed through this event to buy Norwex Enviro Cloths for teachers to use in the classroom. 
  • For every $31 Subtotal A in orders placed through the event link, I will donate one Enviro Cloth to a teacher for classroom use.
  • Submit and nominate teachers here
  • If you have a particular teacher in mind who would like to be the recipient of the Enviro Cloth, let me know! Otherwise, you have the option of allowing the Enviro Cloth donation to go to another teacher who has volunteered to use Norwex in his/her classroom. 
  • I will be raffling off the Host Specials to those who place orders through this link. Every $31 in Subtotal A (does not include tax/shipping) orders qualifies you for one entry to win products from the September Host Specials.
  • Shop online through this link  LINK REMOVED - I will happily honor this special throughout the year - just contact me
  • Start using Norwex, and radically reduce the use of toxic chemicals in your home!
Teachers! Read this!
  • Fill out the form here if you'd like to receive a Norwex Enviro Cloth for your classroom. I can't guarantee every teacher who applies will receive one, but simply placing an order of $31 Subtotal A or more will ensure you receive one!
  • If you're a teacher, for every $31 Subtotal A in orders you collect from friends and family, you will receive one Enviro Cloth for your classroom. 
  • If you're interested in also earning full Host Benefits for yourself and/or your classroom, and think you can collect at least $325 in orders (One breakdown to reach the $325 is 10 people ordering $33 Subtotal A - it's totally do-able, and I'll help you along the way!) let me know, and we will set up your own event.

Norwex-ing for Schools, The Long Version:
The Norwex company mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes to promote the health of your family and of the environment. Norwex has incredible products that will allow you to clean FASTER, HEALTHIER and FOR LESS MONEY! No more breathing or using toxic chemicals! You can view my blog for my thoughts on some of my favorite products - - I give my honest opinion and think it is a helpful resource!

I am especially concerned about the chemicals in the disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers used in schools, and my goal is to provide Norwex products for classroom use, to help create a healthier classroom, reduce environmental allergens, and reduce the need for toxic chemicals in the classroom. I wrote about it on my blog:

I'll be donating 100% of my commission (35%) on sales through this event in Norwex products to teachers. If you are a teacher, or know of a teacher who is interested in introducing some FREE Norwex products to his or her classroom please let me know. I've already donated to my daughters' classrooms, so anything from this group order will go elsewhere. The more orders, the more product we can donate, and the more students, teachers, and classrooms will benefit from healthier environments and reduced exposure to chemicals. If you'd like to purchase items for donation, please let me know. I'm sure there are many teachers who would appreciate it!

That's not all though! I'm also giving away the host benefits!  Stay tuned for September's Host Benefits - they'll be announced mid-August.


So, how does it work?

Follow my page on Facebook and read my daily posts about Norwex, our products, and the incredible benefits of reducing toxic chemicals in your home.

Go to  LINK REMOVED - I will happily honor this special throughout the year - just contact me to shop for products by THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, and have it count towards this event (be sure it says "Norwex-ing for Schools 2015" at checkout - if it asks you to search for your host, please be sure to enter First Name: Norwex Last Name: School). Your product will immediately be shipped directly to you!
Browse online at the link above, and submit your order directly to me. Orders submitted directly to me will be shipped at the group shipping rate to my house ($5.95 per order), and I will be able to distribute them locally in Greensboro after the products are delivered.

Start using your new Norwex products and then rave all about them!

Host your own home or virtual party and earn another entry to win the Host Benefits!! Norwex has a 4-Star Hosting Plan, which breaks down into

Why Norwex?
  • With the Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch or ingest chemicals – you simply create a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. 
  • Norwex microfiber cloths are environmentally friendly.
  • Norwex Marine Organics and Naturally Timeless personal care products offer cutting-edge technology coupled with organic and natural ingredients – without harmful parabens or preservatives.
  • SAVE Time – the Norwex Cleaning System decreases cleaning time by 75% or more.
  • SAVE Money - An average household spends $600-$800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies. By using Norwex products you can realize up to a 90% savings!
  • Norwex use may reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals in your home up to 90% while at the same time reducing your exposure to toxic fumes. This can make a big difference for anyone with allergies and chemical sensitivities. 
  • At only 1/200th the size of a strand of human hair, Norwex Microfiber is one of the most innovative products in the cleaning industry today.  It has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when used properly. When combined with the unique Norwex knitting process, Norwex Microfiber becomes a highly effective cleaning agent and can hold up to seven times its weight in matter. Unlike cotton cloths that will simply spread the dirt, grease and other particles around, Norwex BacLock™ Microfiber lifts these particles up into the cloth and away from the surface. Once inside the cloth, the Norwex MicroSilver in the cloth goes to work with self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odor within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again.
  • Norwex EnviroCloths have a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty.
At Norwex, our Purpose is simple but powerful: The idea that working together, with trust, integrity and honesty as our core values and radically reducing chemicals in our homes as our mission, we can improve the world around us. The Norwex Purpose touches many facets of life with the end result being the ability to collectively make a powerful and positive difference in the world we live in and the lives we touch.

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