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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Norwex vs. Pollen

Lesson in futility.

It's been cloudy, gloomy, and raining here in Greensboro, NC for the past oh, 8 days or so (give or take). Today the sun made an appearance (Yay! Free Vitamin D!). You'd think day after day after day of pouring down rain would have washed the yellow sheen of pollen off my beautiful blue car, but no. That would be incorrect logic, as evidenced by my (still) pollen-covered car.

I bribed the two little ones to have "quiet time" after lunch today. I even offered up a milkshake or smoothie in exchange for their cooperative participation in quiet time. Then I hustled to get my Norwex Car Wash Mitt and Norwex Car Cloth, so I could super-quick clean my car. The pollen HAS to go. I wet the Car Wash Mitt with water in my kitchen sink, squeezed out any excess, and put it on my left hand, and held the Car Cloth in my right hand. Armed with my Norwex, I headed outside to the driveway. I started with the passenger side, and moved my way around the car. It took me exactly 7 minutes and 49 seconds to clean and polish the entire body of my car.

You can see in the picture the pollen (on the left) and the part I wiped with the Car Cloth (on the right). You can also see me thinking I'm all slick taking a picture of my car, without realizing my reflection was in the photo. Whoops.

I swapped out the Car Mitt and Car Cloth for my regular trusty Enviro Cloth (damp with water) and Window Cloth, and headed back out to do the windows. I didn't need to swap them out - the Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth would have easily done the windows too - but mine were REALLY dirty after washing my car, and I was feeling lazy and not really feeling like spending the extra minute to rinse them out. I did the inside and outside of all the windows on my car. Did you know that kids like to press their dirty, grimy little hands to the windows of the car, to leave a lasting impression of their adorable little handprints?
Have you ever looked at a Honda Fit? It's got these cute little windows in the rear trunk space and these cute little triangular windows in the front side dashboard. They are tiny and hard to reach. In the two years I've owned my car, I'm pretty sure mine have never been cleaned...until today. In the end, it took me less than five minutes to wipe all the windows (inside and outside!) clean with the damp Enviro Cloth, and polish them to a streak-free shine with the Window Cloth. I even wiped down the dashboard, mirrors, and the center console in the front. That means in under 15 minutes I had a CLEAN car, using only water! (The torn up tissue and crumbs in the backseat are going to have to wait for another day...)

 Clean car, and check out all that dirty pollen on my Car Mitt and Car Cloth!

The best part? My car is parked under a beautiful tree, which is "snowing" pollen, as my kids like to call it. Guess what? That pollen is falling all over my clean car.

See my pretty clean car, underneath that beautiful tree? 
Yes, that is the same tree that is causing my car to be covered in pollen. 

Next time, instead of "quiet time" for the kids, they can wash the car. No buckets, no hoses, no soap, and no toxic chemicals needed. Just a few Norwex Cloths for each of them, and they can go to town.

P.S. These products would be great for anyone who has a car. I think about how much money I have spent on car washes ($8 to go through the automatic car wash, and that's just the exterior!) and this took me hardly any time at all. It was easy, quick, and didn't require any cleaners or chemicals - just water. I didn't need buckets, sponges, soap, or a hose. And now that I know how easy it is, and how safe it is, the kids can do it too. Sounds like some warm-weather fun in our future!

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