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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November New Consultant Joining Bonus!

Norwex has been an incredible adventure and income source for me. I've always shied away from direct sales or home party plans because I am not pushy. Norwex is different though - I love the products, I use them myself, and I truly stand behind the Norwex mission "to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning." I've been working towards eliminating chemicals in my home for years, and Norwex has made it that much easier for me to do it for myself, and help others along the same journey in the process. Since I joined Norwex, I've grown as a person, I've allowed myself some financial flexibility with the added income, and I've helped dozens of people reduce the chemicals in their home. I've also built a team and promoted to Team Coordinator, which helped me realize that Norwex really IS something phenomenal. Every person whose life I touch with Norwex, I am making a difference!

Norwex is offering a bonus for new consultants who join during the month of November. If you've been toying with the idea, look at it this way:

If you join TODAY as a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, and follow our Fresh Start goals to qualify, by the end of your first sixty days, you will earn:

  • At least $700.00 in commission! That's cash in your pocket!
  • Approximately $1500.00 in FREE PRODUCTS and Office Supplies*!
    • Your Kit, which costs $0 upfront, and includes:  ($200+ est. value)
      • 2 Enviro Cloths (antibac)
      • 1 Window Cloth (antibac)
      • 1 Dusting Mitt (antibac)
      • 1 Large Dry Mop Pad
      • 1 Large Wet Mop Pad
      • 1 Large Mop Base
      • 1 Telescopic Mop Handle
      • 1 SpiriSponge
      • 1 Sales Consultant Manual, letter and current flyers
      • 1 Success Builder
      • 1 Product Manual CD
      • 1 Complete Training DVD
      • 1 Business Supplies Price List
      • 5 Hosting Order Forms
      • 5 Hosting Planners with Envelopes
      • 1 Portfolio with welcome Envelopes
      • 1 Norwex Shopping Bag
      • 1 Costa Rica Brochure
      • 10 Host Invitations
      • 1 Fresh Start Program Guide
      • 1 Microfiber - Tri-fold Brochure
      • 10 Catalogs
      • 5 Fall Catalogs
      • 1 Product Price List
      • 20 Customer Order Forms
      • 1 Norwex Purpose Booklet
      • 1 pkg of Party Cards
    • Your BONUS KIT Enhancements, a special for only November 2013, which includes: ($114.95 est. value)
      • 1 Mediterranean Meditation Olive Oil Salt Scrub
      • 1 Ergonomic Toilet Brush and Holder
      • 1 Bathroom Scrub Mitt (antibac)
      • 1 Kitchen Cloth, sea mist (antibac)
      • 1 Kitchen Towel, sea mist (antibac)
    • Your Host Benefits from your Launch Party or Kick-Off Party, which includes: ($475 est. value)
      • 1 Enviro Cloth, yellow (antibac)
      • 1 Ultra Power Plus, 500g/1.1lbs
      • 1 Kitchen Towel, sea mist (antibac)
      • 1 Kitchen Cloth, sea mist (antibac)
      • 1 Cleaning Paste
      • 1 Fridge So Fresh
      • 1 Micro Cleaning Hand Pads
      • 1 Car Cloth
      • 1 Oven & Grill Cleaner
      • 1 Bathroom Scrub Mitt
      • 1 Timeless Relaxation Rescue Gel
      • 1 Blue Diamond
      • 1 Enviro Cloth (antibac)
      • 1 Vintage Body Pack
      • 1 Car Cloth
      • 1 Dusting Mitt (antibac)
      • 1 Kitchen Scrub Cloth
      • $120 of FREE PRODUCT of your choice
      • 1 Window Cloth
    • Your Fresh Start Goals (see flyer below), which are cumulative, include:
      • Step 1 (sell $400 Subtotal A in your first 15 days) ($145 est. value)
        • 1 Ultra Power Plus 1kg/2.2 lbs 
        • 1 Dryer Balls
        • 1 Enviro Cloth, blue (Antibac)
        • 1 Enviro Cloth, red (Antibac)
        • 1 Dusting Mitt (Antibac)
        • 1 Blue Diamond 
        • 1 Cleaning Paste
      • Step 2 (sell $1000 Subtotal A in your first 30 days) ($175 est. value)
        • 1 Bathroom Scrub Mitt
        • 1 Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber 
        • 1 Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth
        • 1 Enviro Cloth, green (Antibac)
        • 1 Kitchen Towel, blue (Antibac)
        • 1 Kitchen Cloth, blue (Antibac)
        • 1 Dish Cloth
        • 1 Window Cloth (Antibac)
        • 1 Kitchen Scrub Cloth
        • 1 Fridge So Fresh 
        • 1 Dish Mat 
      • Step 3 (If you recruit one new consultant in your first 45 days)
        • A Norwex messenger bag
      • Step 4 (sell $2000 Subtotal A in your first 60 days) ($225 est. value)
        • 1 Crystal Deodorant
        • 1 Makeup Removal Cloth (Antibac)
        • 1 Mediterranean Olive Oil Salt Scrub
        • 1 Timeless Organic Shea Butter
        • 1 Hand Towel, teal (Antibac)
        • 1 X-Large Towel, teal (Antibac)
        • 1 Large Towel, teal (Antibac)
        • 1 Timeless Lip Balm 
        • 1 Hair Turban (Antibac)
        • 1 Foot Stone
      • Step 5 (If you recruit two new consultants in your first 60 days)
        • A Norwex Rolling Business Bag
    • PLUS! Each month Norwex offers Consultant specials for meeting certain thresholds. For example, in November, consultants who sell $1500 in Subtotal A will earn $110+ in FREE product and business supplies, and it goes up from there! The higher your Subtotal A, the more FREE product and supplies you earn! See the flyer below for November offers!

*You keep your kit FOR FREE if you qualify (sell $2000) in your first 90 days. Commission estimate based on selling $2000 in Subtotal A (retail price). Host benefits based on $1000 Subtotal A party sales with 15 buying guests and one booking. Fresh Start goals as stated. Amounts and benefits are not guaranteed, but are very reasonable and easily earned with four parties at $500 in sales. Plus, I will help you through it, and will be here every step of the way supporting, encouraging, and sharing knowledge!

Does this seem overwhelming? Does it seem unattainable? It's NOT! To reassure you, the vast majority of new consultants that join our team DO achieve these goals and earn these bonus incentives and gifts. Our team is incredible, and we have the tools, training, and teamwork to help you be successful with your new business. 

To get started, plan your own Launch Party/Kick-Off Party. If you can, schedule three parties too - do you have a close friend or family member who will help you out with your new business? Average parties are around $500 in Subtotal A sales, which would bring you to your goal. If you plan for six parties (three you schedule, plus three additional bookings from those events), plus your own launch party, you should surpass your goal and be well on your way to an incredibly successful, flexible, and lucrative business!

When you're ready to take control of your finances, improve the quality of life for your family, be your own boss, be financially independent, work flexible hours, earn incentives & bonuses, and be recognized for your hard work all while making new friends, click here to sign up. I'll be in contact with you ASAP! I'm looking forward to welcoming you to our incredible team!

November Norwex Bonus Kit Incentive - see full document here:

Fresh Start Goals (page 1) - see full document here:

Fresh Start Goals (page 2) - see full document here:

November Norwex Host Specials - See full document here:

November Consultant Specials - see full document here:

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