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Friday, November 1, 2013

Norwex Gifts by Recipient

Shopping for gifts can often be overwhelming. I put this list together with holiday gift giving in mind, but it can be used at any time! Look through the Norwex Gift Giving Guide, sorted by price, below. If you've been following my blog, you know that using Norwex products will save you time and money, all while reducing your exposure to chemicals. The average household spends approximately $960/year on household cleaning supplies, laundry, and personal care items. Investing in Norwex products will save you a significant and considerable amount of money, especially given that our products come with a warranty and guarantee! (Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Agriculture, Department of State, Centers for Disease Control, Bureau of Transportation Statistics). 

I always recommend trying the Enviro Cloth for just about every cleaning problem that arises. There are hundreds of uses for it! Read about some here:

Sometimes, however, you need something extra - here are some ideas for the people in your life, in addition to the Household Package (Enviro Cloth + Window Cloth + Dusting Mitt) $48.99 which is the staple of a Norwex home!


For the Pet Lover:

For the Fashion-Conscious Friend:
  • Leather Shine, for shoes, boots, purses, belts, etc ($33.99)
  • Optic Scarf, for jewelry, electronic devices, and glasses ($19.99)
  • Timeless Lip Balm, for last minute moisturizing ($6.99)
  • Makeup Removal Cloth Set, to keep stray makeup smudges at bay ($19.99/pack of 3)
  • Lint Mitt, pocket (or purse) sized for easy removal of stray fuzz, hair, and lint from your clothing ($12.99)
For the Sports Enthusiast:
  • Sportzyme, to eliminate organic odor from shoes, skates, bags, equipment, and more ($17.99)
  • Fridge So Fresh, to keep your locker or sport equipment storage area smelling fresh ($13.99)
  • Sport Towel, compact, absorbent, and dries quickly ($37.99)
  • Leather Shine, to keep equipment looking new ($33.99)
  • Body Pack, for post-workout wipe down or showers ($19.99/pack of 3)
For the New Parents:
For the School-Age Children:
For the Camping Fanatic:
For the Motorcycle Enthusiast:
  • Leather Shine, to keep seats, saddlebags, chaps, boots, and leather looking new ($33.99)
  • Sportzyme, to eliminate organic odor from boots and helmets ($17.99)
  • Dish Cloth, for splattered bugs on the windshield ($7.99)
  • Cleaning Paste, to keep all the chrome shiny and new (use with Enviro Cloth) ($28.99)
  • Body Pack, for cleaning up after a long ride ($19.99/pack of 3)
  • Car Cloth, to polish up your bike ($25.99)
  • Timeless Lip Balm, for keeping your lips moisturized ($6.99)
For the Car Lover:
For the Teacher:
For the Equestrian:
For the Newlyweds or New Home Owners:
For the Person who LOVES Kitchen Gadgets and Supplies:
For the Person who Loves to Grill:
For the College Student:

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