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Friday, June 14, 2013

Norwex Washing Net

Norwex Washing Net
The durable Norwex mesh Washing Net lets soap and water flow through easily for optimal cleaning. It is constructed with the highest quality mesh to protect your microfiber cloths. 40 cm x 30 cm / 15.75" x 11.81"

Laundering fine washables can be a challenge. Delicates and baby clothes require a gentle wash, but sometimes washing machines can be a bit too rough on clothes.

The Washing Net is a versatile, effective and eco-friendly way to protect fine washables, including Norwex Microfiber. It lets soap and water flow through easily for optimal cleaning while its high-quality mesh protects delicates.
Norwex Washing Net

How to Use
Hang in laundry room or closet and fill with dirty clothes.
To be most effective, fill about two-thirds full so clothes can move freely.
Toss in washing machine when filled.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for protecting delicates and baby clothing in the washer and/or dryer
  • Constructed of high-quality, non-snag, durable mesh fabric
  • The mesh weave is just the right size to allow optimal water flow for effective cleaning.
  • Large size accommodates Norwex Wet and Dry Mop Pads and holds several articles of clothing.
  • Great for storing dirty microfiber products or clothes until it’s time to wash them
  • Works well to keep those magically disappearing socks together
  • Great for use in dryer to refresh clothes between washings, like sweaters or jeans
  • Keeps clothes from attracting lint from other items such as towels
  • Easy to pack and take along in your luggage to keep clean clothes separate from dirty ones
  • Durable, non-rust zipper closure
  • Handy tabs make it easy to hang in your closet.
Norwex Washing Net

Did you Know?

A drawstring bag can work its way open, or become tangled with other laundry as well as your washing machine agitator.
Laundering sweaters and other delicates on their own can cause friction and stretching, ultimately ruining your clothes.
1-year warranty

Norwex Washing Net

*The Laundry Pre-Wash is discontinued. Please look into Stain Remover http://www.fastgreenclean.com/search/label/stain%20remover

Norwex Laundry Pre-Wash (discontinued) penetrates and begins to dissolve on contact a variety of stains and soil in fabrics. It is gentle on delicate fabrics and works in all water temperatures. The 100% all-natural formula is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and free of allergens, dyes, perfumes and petroleum solvents.

  • Formulated with all-natural enzymes as a triple-action laundry pre-wash to penetrate, dissolve and eliminate on contact a variety of stains and soil in fabrics.
  • Helps remove tough stains that detergent alone cannot. The fast-acting spray dissolves stains and breaks them down before they set in, making them easier to remove in an ordinary wash cycle.
  • Trigger dispenser allows you to treat stains quickly and easily.
  • Goes to work immediately and is environmentally-safe.
  • Gentle enough for baby clothes, children’s bedding and delicate fabrics.

To use, spray on soiled area. Wait 1-5 minutes to allow solution to penetrate, then wash according to label instructions. For heavily soiled areas, a second application may be required.
For most everyday clothes, one simple step is to pre-treat any stains.   Norwex Pre-Wash is the perfect compliment for the Norwex Laundry detergent.

For best results, treat stain when new. Turn nozzle to spray position. Remove excess organic matter then spray directly onto stain, soaking fabric.  Rub product into the fabric covering the stain area completely. Wait 1 to 5 minutes depending upon severity of the stain, then wash according to the care label instructions. Launder in the warmest water recommended for the fabric. Do not use bleach. For extra tough stains, repeat spraying and launder again. Before drying the garment, make sure the stain is removed.

Laundry Pre-Wash contains microbes, enzymes, ascorbic acid, citric acid and water. It does not contain allergens, dyes, chlorine, perfumes, petroleum-based solvents, glycol ether, phosphates and other harsh chemicals. The Laundry Pre-Wash uses vegetable-based enzymes. The enzymes used in the ingredients are amylase, lipase and cellulose. Once applied, the enzymes only last for a few minutes to a few hours depending on the application. The microbe used in the formulas is baccullis subtilus, and they are not genetically modified or altered in any manner. The enzymes are stable up to 170º F degrees and can freeze and thaw several times without destruction to the enzymes.

  • Works in all water temperatures.
  • The 100% all-natural formula is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, nontoxic and free of allergens, dyes, chlorine, perfumes, petroleum-based solvents, glycol ether, phosphates and other harsh chemicals.
  • 250ml bottle with trigger spray. DO NOT DILUTE.
  • Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. In case of eye contact, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a physician. Storage: Store at room temperature. Do not allow contents to exceed 170º F or enzymes will become disabled.
  • Works on:
    • Organic stains (e.g., coffee, tea juices, grass, wine, eggs)
    • Colored-fruit/vegetable stains (e.g., strawberries, cherries, mustard, tomatoes)
    • Sugar stains (e.g., jam, honey, syrup)
    • Protein stains (e.g., blood, ice cream, yogurt)
    • Greasy stains (e.g., lipstick, butter, mascara, mayonnaise, cooking oil)
  • Has 2 year shelf life. (Shelf-life being the length of time a packaged product will last without deteriorating.)

Laundry Pre-Wash products are similar in nature to the Carpet Stain Buster but they are very different in each one’s capability. 

Enzymes in Laundry Pre-Wash are used as cleaning and fabric care agents.  They breakdown large, water-insoluble soils and stains, which are attached to fabrics, into smaller, more water-soluble pieces. Subsequently, the smaller molecules are removed from the fabric, by the mechanical action of the washing machine or by the interaction of detergent ingredients.  The enzyme does not lose its functionality after having worked on one stain and continues to work on the next one. This means that one enzyme protein molecule can act on many substrate molecules. Eventually, all the substrate is gone and the enzyme stops working. Also, the enzyme will eventually break down on its own. Some enzymes also deliver fabric care benefits by better maintaining whiteness or keeping colors bright. 

A very small quantity of these inexhaustible bio-catalysts can replace very large quantity of man made chemicals. Enzymes work at very low temperatures achieving effective washing results at which traditional chemistry quite often is no longer effective. Enzymes are fully biodegradable, thus environmentally friendly ingredients. Remember several enzyme types are used; each one has its own very well defined target. Some are specialized to attack fat stains, others to attack food stains. The Laundry Pre-Wash contains enzymes that are meant to break down the proteins in foods. This makes it easier for laundry detergents to remove food and stains from clothing. 

IF used after other commercial stain cleaners or with BLEACH, the effectiveness can be reduced.  The chemicals and bleach can damage the enzymes making them less-effective, even ineffective .

Norwex Laundry Pre-Wash

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