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Friday, October 25, 2013

Norwex Odor Eliminator and Norwex Spray Bottle

Norwex Odour Eliminator (updated 2019)
This powerful, enzyme-based deodorant is perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garbage cans/bins, lockers, carpets and even your laundry!
Odour Eliminator is an excellent, enzyme-based deodorant for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garbage cans, disposal bins, lockers and changing rooms. It helps to remove unpleasant organic odors and leaves a fresh, clean scent. The bacterial spores in Odour Eliminator work to eat up the organic matter causing the odor. Odour Eliminator eliminates the source of unpleasant odors such as mildew, smoke and garbage, leaving a fresh, clean smell.

Available in Fresh Rain, Misty Meadow and Crisp Linen

Highly concentrated, use diluted. Not for topical use on the body.
355 ml / 12 fl. oz.
Odour Eliminator - Crisp Linen

Need to freshen up the room and get rid of bad smells, but don’t want to use chemical-laden aerosol air-fresheners?

Odour Eliminator from Norwex is an enzyme-based, organic odor-remover that can be sprayed in the air, around or on the source of the odor.  Odour Eliminator works to remove the source of the odor, rather than simply masking it.
Odour Eliminator - Fresh Rain

How to Use
  • Shake well before using.
  • Use anywhere unpleasant odors present a problem. May also be used with rug shampoo solutions to eliminate odors in carpets.
  • Use 2 Tbsp in a Spray Bottle filled with water and our Mop System for fresh, clean floors.
  • Use a capful per each wash load for a clean-smelling laundry.
  • As a spray: For best results, always spray diluted. Mix 1 part Odour Eliminator to 7 parts water (which is 2 Tbsp per cup or Spray Bottle) and spray where offensive odors exist. Direct a light mist toward the ceiling, allowing it to completely refresh the area.
  • Floor mopping and carpet extraction: Add 1 part Odour Eliminator to 40 parts rug shampoo solution (slightly less than 2 Tbsp/L).
  • DO NOT mix with other cleaning chemicals such as bleach or disinfectants.
  • Avoid using extremely hot water with the product.
Features and Benefits
Powerful, effective odor elimination
Enzymes actually eliminate odors, rather than simply masking them.
Works instantly, leaving a fresh, clean scent
Effective against mildew, smoke, garbage and waste odors
Leaves no residue and will not stain
Highly concentrated
Contains biodegradable ingredients
No aerosol propellants
Container is recyclable, HDPE #2.

Did you Know?
Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts, meaning that they are molecules capable of speeding up chemical reactions. They bind to the reactants in a chemical reaction and assist in the reaction without being changed at all themselves.
Phthalates are EDCs—endocrine-disrupting chemicals—which are found in many air-freshening products. They can adversely affect development and reproductive systems.
Odour Eliminator - Misty Meadow

Use the Norwex Spray Bottle for exact dilution! It is convenient and compact, and can be used for spraying water on windows, floors, walls, and all surfaces to be cleaned.
Why not replace the aerosols and plug-ins with a better solution? The Spray Bottle is ideal for use with our microfiber cloths, Mop Systems and more. Constructed of HDPE which is strong and long-lasting, its convenient shape fits comfortably in adult hands.
Use with the Norwex mops to spray more water if necessary when mopping. Use with Odour Eliminator as an air freshener: For best results, always spray diluted. Mix 1 part product to 7 parts water (2 Tbsp/cup or Norwex bottle) and spray using Norwex Spray Bottle where malodours exist. Direct a light mist toward the ceiling allowing it to completely refresh the area.

It seems like there’s an aerosol can stored under nearly every sink and in every laundry room. But those cleaning products may contain chemical propellants that are not only harmful to the atmosphere, they could also jeopardize your family’s health. And plug-in air fresheners, gels and scented candles are also problematic.

Why not replace the aerosols and plug-ins with a better solution? Our Spray Bottles can help you get your home clean and fresh-smelling without harmful chemicals. They’re the perfect complement to several Norwex products, all designed to reduce harmful chemicals in your home.

How to Use
•    Fill a Spray Bottle with water for use with the Norwex Mop System. Simply re-wet the Tile or Wet Mop Pads whenever necessary as you clean.
•    Put one capful of Odour Eliminator in a Spray Bottle for use wherever odors exist: trash cans, diaper pails, laundry rooms, etc.
•    Put two to three drops of Norwex Essential Oil in a Spray Bottle to lightly scent the air.
•    Get windows and other surfaces clean and shiny using a Spray Bottle filled with either water only, or a diluted mixture of Essential Oil, along with a Norwex Microfiber cloth.

Norwex Spray Bottle, blue, 230ml / 7.77 oz
Norwex Aluminum Spray Bottle
Reduce even more plastic in your home with our new Aluminum Spray Bottle! Great for all kinds of cleaning jobs with water only, or add a few drops of our Essential Oils to freshen your home while you clean!
Silver: 250 ml / 8.45 oz.
Norwex Aluminum Spray Bottle
Help your family breathe easier by reducing the use of harmful chemicals from aerosols and other scented household products. Spray Bottles are perfect for cleaning with our Norwex Microfiber and water only! They are also great for diluting concentrated, enzyme-based products like our Odour Eliminator.
The Norwex Aluminum Spray Bottle is perfect for diluting Norwex Essential Oils to impart a light, fresh scent in your home.
Both Spray Bottles are handy throughout the house:
  • Fill one with water for use with your Norwex Mop System
  • Fill one with a mixture of water and Odour Eliminator for the bathroom
  • Fill one with a mixture of Norwex Essential Oil and water to lightly scent the air in your home
  • Keep one near your Household Package cloths to quickly mist windows and get other surfaces clean and shiny
Made with less plastic, our Aluminum Spray Bottle is a more sustainable option.

Refresh Odour Neutralizer (DISCONTINUED in 2015)
Refresh was especially developed to combat unpleasant odors in everyday situations and to neutralize unpleasant smells. In developing this product, amylase was selected for its ability to break down the bacteria, fats and proteins that give rise to this kind of problem. Once sprayed, the enzymes will neutralize the undesirable material causing the offensive odors, not just mask the odor with perfumes. All products are 100% all natural ingredients based on natural born microorganisms/enzymes – found everywhere in nature –and thus have little consequence for humans, animals and nature. Our lemon extract is especially great to eliminate the odor from burnt food.

Directions: Spray 2-3 times in the air for an average size room. If the mist contacts a hard floor surface, wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth to avoid slip hazard.

Ingredients: Water, Amylase (enzymes), Rosemary Extract, Lemon Extract

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Store away from high heat. May irritate eyes and skin. Cleanse skin thoroughly after contact. If product comes in contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. If ingested drink two glasses of water to dilute material.

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