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Friday, October 4, 2013

Norwex Mattress Cleaner

Norwex Mattress Cleaner is a unique enzyme based formula designed to remove organic material and provides a deep cleaning of body oils, pet dander and other contaminants from pillows, comforters, mattresses, bedding, fluffy toys, and fabric furniture.

Use the Norwex Mattress Cleaner to remove smell from organic messes like urine from animals and humans. It eliminates and removes of all organic waste inside mattresses and on non-washable furniture, including:
  • Beds
  • Vehicle seats
  • Pillows
  • Pet beds
  • Comforters
  • Sofas
  • Stuffed toys
  • Upholstery
  • Anywhere organic material collects
To use: Remove linen from mattress or pillows. There is no need to saturate the surface, just a light spray is needed. Use approximately 5 sprays for a twin mattress, 8 sprays for a double, 12 sprays for a queen/king size bed, 1-2 for a pillow, 2 sprays for stuffed animal and 5 sprays for fabric couch.
Leave to dry up to 4 hrs before replacing bedding

It is recommended to use it three times a year, every 4 months or more frequently in homes where people have asthma.

DO NOT use on plastic covered crib mattresses. When used on beds, be sure to allow to dry before replacing bedding.

Norwex Mattress Cleaner

Water, denatured alcohol (<5%), sodium iminodisuccinate (<1%), zinc diricinoleate (<1%), cocamidopropyl betaine (<1%), menthol (<1%), microorganisms (<1%), citric acid (<1%), polydimethylsiloxane emulsion (<1%).

The microorganisms in this product are non-genetically modified, naturally sourced, non-pathogenic (i.e. do not cause disease) dormant bacteria, and are the primary “active ingredients” in this formulation.

What does this mean?
When they find a food source, and other growing conditions are right, the bacteria become active and they will grow. To eat they produce enzymes that are a type of protein. It is the enzymes they produce while eating that break down accumulated dust mites, dust mite fecal matter, pet dander, dead skin cells, or any organic matter which causes unpleasant odors, allowing this matter to be consumed. They will continue to consume this material until all organic matter is removed, converting it into carbon dioxide and water. Once there is nothing left for them to feed on, they disintegrate. Similar to our other "enzyme-based" or microbial products, our Mattress Cleaner does not "kill" anything (including dust mites). It works by eating up all of the organic matter that the dust mites would feed on, as well as the accumulated dust mite bodies and fecal matter. No food = no more growth of mites......at least for a while.......until there is more food. The end product is carbon dioxide and water – completely safe. Once there is no longer anything left for the enzymes to feed on they disintegrate.

Is the Mattress Cleaner safe to use around children and pets?
The Mattress Cleaner is safe for children and pets because there is nothing in it different from what is around us on a daily basis. We are surrounded by a micro-world of bacteria and other microbes that keep each other in balance, and this same micro world exists on our skin, in our mouth, and throughout our body. The Mattress Spray does not contain acids, alkalis, or solvents; however it is important to use this product correctly.

How do you use the Mattress cleaner?
Shake the Mattress Cleaner before using. Spray once or twice on the pillow, 5-6 sprays on a single bed, 7-8 on a double bed, 9-10 on a queen bed and 10-12 on a king size bed. Allow to air dry for four hours before making bed with clean sheets. If too much product is used (more than the mattress can absorb) it is possible that an allergy-sensitive person may react. Treat bed once a month for the first three months, then every second month for allergy sufferers, otherwise every three months.

What is the shelf life of the Mattress Cleaner?
The Mattress Cleaner has a two year shelf life and should be stored closed, in a cool place. This 2-year period of time starts from the moment oxygen is introduced to the product by pumping or opening the bottle.

Where can Mattress Cleaner be used?
The Mattress Cleaner can be used on beds, pillows, comforters, fluffy toys, upholstery, vehicle seats, pet beds, sofas, anywhere organic material collects.

Will the Mattress cleaner kill bed bugs?
The Mattress Cleaner will not destroy bed bugs. It will only eliminate any organic material.

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