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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Norwex-ing for Schools

Note: This post is in reference to a 2013 Facebook event. 
Join the Facebook Event here: If you aren't able to view it, feel free to add me as a friend so I can invite you. No hard feelings if you delete me right after ;) 

Short Version: 

  • I'm donating 100% of my (35%) commission of orders placed through this group order to buying Norwex Enviro Cloths for local classrooms. I need teacher referrals who are willing to use the cloths in their classroom, and work with me on proper use of Norwex microfiber, so if you know of someone, please let me know!
  • One person who places an order through this group order, will receive ALL of the host benefits. See below for details!
  • I'll give away at least one (maybe more!) door prizes for participation in this event. Invite your friends, RSVP *YES* and stay tuned for how to earn entries for the door prize!
  • Shop online through this link: <DISCONTINUED - EVENT IS OVER>
  • Start using Norwex, and reduce the use of chemicals in your personal care and cleaning!

Long Version:
The Norwex mission is to radically reduce the use of chemicals in your personal care and cleaning. Norwex has AWESOME products that will allow you to clean FASTER, HEALTHIER and FOR LESS MONEY! No more breathing or using toxic chemicals! You can view my blog for my thoughts on some of my favorite products - - I give my honest opinion and think it is a helpful resource!

I am especially concerned about the chemicals in the disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers used in schools, and I really want to try to get some Norwex products into some classrooms. I wrote some about it on my blog:
I can't afford to buy products for donation myself, even at a discount, so I'm thinking this is a good way to start :)

I'll be donating 100% of my commission (35%) on group sales through this party in Norwex products to local teachers. If you know of a local teacher who is interested in introducing some FREE Norwex products to his or her classroom please let me know. I've already donated to my daughter's classroom, so anything from this group order will go elsewhere. The more orders, the more product I can donate, and the more classrooms and students will benefit from reduced exposure to chemicals. If you'd like to purchase items for donation, please let me know. I'm sure there are many teachers who would appreciate it!

That's not all though! I'm also giving away the host benefits to one lucky person who orders - which is pretty incredible to receive hundreds of dollars of free Norwex product for $0 out of pocket! Check out September's Host Benefits here:

There will also be giveaways just for participating online through this Facebook event! You don't even have to leave your house, just read the posts, ask questions, win prizes and place your order!


So, how does it work?

Join the Facebook Event here: If you aren't able to view it, feel free to add me as a friend so I can invite you. No hard feelings if you delete me right after ;) 

Between now and the 30th, I will post product information, before and after pics, testimonials and videos. It will be fun and interactive with a lot of chances to win prizes! Login to the Facebook Event on Monday, September 30th at 8:45 pm for an interactive discussion that will last about 30 minutes. If you can't make it online during that time, no worries - there's other opportunities to earn door prizes and ask questions as you learn more about Norwex between now and the 30th.

1. RSVP to the event! Facebook has recently made changes to events. Only those who RSVP are able to see the event posts! The first 25 to RSVP *YES* will be entered into a drawing to win a prize!

2. Go to <LINK DISCONTINUED SINCE EVENT ENDED> to shop for products by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, and have it count towards this group order (be sure it says I am the host at checkout). Your product will immediately be shipped directly to you!
Browse online at the link above, and submit your order directly to me. Orders submitted directly to me will be shipped at the group shipping rate to my house, and I will be able to distribute them locally after the products are delivered.

4. Start using your new Norwex products and then rave all about them!

5. Host your own home or virtual party and earn another entry to win the Host Benefits!! Norwex has a 4-Star Hosting Plan, which breaks down into FREE product for having more than 5 buying guests, FREE product for having over $250 in sales, FREE product for having someone book a show, and additional FREE Product for having over $325 in customer sales AND a booking. Check out the September specials here:

As always, feel free to contact me with questions regarding any Norwex product. You can shop online by clicking Shop Online above, or directly from my website at If you'd like to receive my newsletter with Norwex specials, please fill out the contact form here If you would like to schedule a party, discuss career opportunities at Norwex, or have any questions about our products, I invite you to send me a message here